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The vertical integration of our core competencies: aluminum die casting, plastic injection molding, mold design and fabrication, precision metal stamping, and printed circuit board assembly is not common and is unique at this level in the industry. This is an excellent opportunity to bring a different value proposition to our clients: by eliminating many of the costs associated with distribution and logistics, simplifying their supply chain, and offering a one-stop shopping solution for anything from piece parts to the entire box build of any products in our primary business sectors: automotive, medical, industrial, and high-end consumer electronics industry.

Beyonics also encourages its talent pool to challenge the company’s current capabilities and push the boundaries of possibilities. We believe that people dictates the success of a company and good people makes a greater business. To affirm our stand, we empower our people by allowing them to decide on the core values they want most at their workplace, which is an uncommon practice in organizations. We strongly believe that building the Vision, Mission and Core Values from the bottom up is much more meaningful and adoptable than a TOP down directive.


Eliminating unnecessary costs
Simplifying supply chain
Shorten development cycle time

Company Profile

Founded in 1981, Beyonics is one of the region’s leading precision parts manufacturers offering complex integrated manufacturing services such as precision metal stamping, innovative mold design and fabrication capabilities, leading precision plastic injection molding, aluminium die casting and machining, electronics sub-assembly, and complete product manufacturing. Headquar tered in Singapore, Beyonics has a combined workforce of over 5,000 staff across 10 factories located in Singapore, China, Malaysia, and Thailand, and 7 global sales locations in US and Europe.

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