Featured Innovation

Featured Innovation

How To Win Customers Through Creative Eco-Friendly Products?

Has it ever crossed your mind, how is it possible to raise environmental awareness with household products? Or even the possibility of sending social messages?

Qualy Design is an award-winning company from Thailand that embraces environmental principles to make a range of imaginative, sustainable and eco-friendly products for home usage. Find out more with Thosaphol Suppametheekulwat, Marketing Director of Qualy Design, as he shares his insights on how the ideation of green concept came about.

How Innovative Architecture Can Revitalise A Building’s Originality?

Can you imagine a building that represents both the past and present? Adding greater commercial and historical values while enhancing its’ features with 21st century aesthetics and innovative designs and concepts. Find out more with Kanin Manthanachart, Designer and Co-Founder of Integrated Field Co. Ltd., as he shares his insights on how the idea of an integrated designing practice came to light.

When Sight-Seeing Meets Fine Dining

Imagine fine dining in style, savouring a full course Michelin awarded meal while also touring the city and enjoying the breathtaking scenery, a dream come true for tourists. Join us with Den Mahawongsanunt, Co-Founder of Inspirit Holidays Co. Ltd., as he shares his insights on how he was able to innovate and bring together the food and tourism culture with this innovative idea.

The Innovative Fruit Packaging That Solves Your Seasonal Issues

Creating an innovative packaging design coupled with art and functionality is not easy. Apart from its’ aesthetics, its’ design has to have an element of art, backed by knowledge and experience from a well-known problem.

Rush Pleansuk, an award-winning Designer of SUMPHAT Gallery, designed and created a “Lift & Ready” paper box packaging for the durian industry, to provide customers the convenience of carrying durians around and prevent getting hurt by their spiky thorns. Its’ innovative packaging is catered for all shapes and sizes of durians and has been tested to withhold the weight of a durian of up to 8kgs! Join us as he shares his insights on how he combined art and science to create an innovation that is able to solve your seasonal fruit woes.

What Does An Innovative Yet Traditional Dessert Bring To The Table?

Can you imagine how dessert and innovation would taste or look like? Let your mind be intrigued and your imagination run free by the thought of sweetness and creativity. Join us along with Pimpida Phattarakumpol, Founder of Phan Phob Cafe, as she shares her insights on how she transformed the dessert industry by infusing innovation.

What Is The Next Frontier Of Smart Home Technology?

Who wouldn’t love to control home appliances, receive notification on incoming mail and packages, book community facilities and even request for 24 hour repair service only at one click away from the comfort of your home? Meet Jirapat Janjerdsak, the Chief Technology Officer of Siri Ventures Co., Ltd., as he dives deep into the latest smart home innovation on it's success and features of Sansiri Home Service Mobile Application.

Sick of Public Toilets? The Rise of Portability

Sick of unhygienic public toilets or not being able to use the toilet while being stuck in traffic? Fret not, Liberloo by WC+ is here to save you from your misery with their latest 100% spillage-free & odor-free portable hygiene solution. Join us along with Sutinee Kittipattrakul, CEO of Liberloo by WC+, as she shares her insights on the current state of hygiene and the latest award-winning innovation on portable toilet.

The Future Era: Virtual Employee

Say hi to your new virtual employee. Lightwork’s customized software bots mimic human actions to perform repetitive rule-based tasks efficiently with 0% error rate! Discover the breakthroughs of virtual employees with Padaree Utsahajit, Co-Founder and CEO of Lightwork as she shares on the future of virtual employment.

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