Project Love


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Project Love is a bold campaign concept that allows Marketing and PR to create an atmosphere of uniqueness around the Brand, build its identity, and provide it with engaging value. The campaign plan involves 4 plans which include Plan 1: Customer Information Updates, Plan 2: Love Promo 30MBPS and Real Bandwith Education, Plan 3: EZECOM App Launch and Real Bandwith Education, and Plan 4: Customer Visit. The concept stirs individuals’ imagination by showing another side of an individual’s story and sparking discussion. Project Love encourages individuals to talk about the journey behind them and their plans for the future as if it were a memorable adventure. Because that is what it is.

ezecom s 2
ezecom s 1

  • Creates an atmosphere of uniqueness around a Brand
  • Builds Brand identity and provides engaging value

Sometimes “Risk” means daring to be different.