Deloitte Omnia ESG Module: Turning chaos into clarity

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Deloitte Omnia’s ESG Module is a comprehensive and structured framework powered by machine learning to evaluate environmental, social, and governance “ESG” disclosure more efficiently than before. From ESG materiality assessments and topic mapping to disclosure management and peer benchmarking, its Omnia ESG Module is a singular experience that works in real-time to cut through the confusion of competing frameworks and differing regulations.

Within the platform, materiality, and disclosure mapping capabilities simplify stakeholder engagement and the evaluation of material ESG topics. Deloitte’s ESG disclosure checklist supports its assessment of the quality and completeness of reported ESG content compared to selected requirements. ESG climate disclosure functionality helps companies assess their readiness for the SEC's proposed rule on climate-related disclosure. Deloitte’s technology combines multiple data sources in thoughtfully designed dashboards, complemented by user-friendly benchmarking and research functionality.

This innovative solution encourages a simple yet effective disclosure journey for today’s auditors and advisors. Deloitte’s leading-edge technology is helping to elevate and accelerate impactful ESG reporting needed to meet the growing expectations of business stakeholders—including consumers, employees, and investors.

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  • Offers deep analysis to identify, engage, evaluate, and visualize ESG topics material to client stakeholders.
  • Offers cognitive tools that help connect and evaluate existing disclosures with selected standards, frameworks, and regulations.
  • Offers powerful insights from a proprietary data lake with seamless functionality designed to facilitate research and benchmark companies to peers and industries.

“The Omnia ESG Module is a data-fueled platform that helps us transform environmental, social, and governance information into insights for our clients. The technology behind our award-winning ESG solution allows us to advise, evaluate, and assure with greater quality, efficiency, and perspective.”