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The Ezecom App is a revolutionary way for users to manage all their Ezecom-related products and services instantly from anywhere, anytime, at their fingertips. This specific product is created utilizing different technologies for iOS and Android. EZECOM places high importance on product delivery speed, product quality, performance, and the protection of sensitive client data. Therefore, EZECOM decided to adopt the most recent Google technology stack (Flutter), which allows the company to build mobile apps very quickly, using a single technology, and distribute them to both platforms with performance superior to the native technology stack. A very strong and resilient backend platform housing on-premises with a powerful data center and can easily handle a significant number of concurrent customer usage is also developed using the core.NET tech stack from Microsoft. Last but not least, EZECOM uses WSO2 middleware, an industry-standard API manager, to protect server flow and client data.

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  • Instrumental in its ability to track its competitive environment, benchmark its performance, keep track of industry trends, and generate new leads.
  • Tracks engagement and retention to better understand target audience and growth potential in specific markets.
  • Act as strong app store optimization campaigns by knowing where traffic is coming from.

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