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TCI aims to accelerate the development of higherperformance products based on “Integrated Bioscience Design (IBD)” and “Bio-Resource Data Mining” to enhance consumers life. The “Bio-Resource Data Mining” has created circular economy and has increase the value of natural resources. TCI is engaged in comprehensive green manufacturing with “Profit”, “People”, and “Planet” as the 3P core concepts for sustainable development and have created numerous products that bring health and beauty to consumers and make people’s lives better. TCI is committed to using green power to supply the manufacturing end, creating the world’s first green environmental protection mask factory, and fully achieving zero carbon emission manufacturing.

  • Based on the application of agricultural biotechnology in research, development and production, TCI has created an “agricultural raw materials recycling economy” business model to reuse agricultural by-products that were previously regarded as no value and turn them into resources with the technology of “Bio-Resource Data Mining.”
  • By using the exclusive plant extraction technology, plant nutrition and ingredients with special effects are scouted, and these functional ingredients are then extracted to develop high-performance products and the value of the by-product can thus be created.
  • TCI is committed to increasing resource recycling and reducing resource consumption in manufacturing processes. Today, the company has achieved the application of circular economy in the production of raw materials by purchasing and recycling agricultural by-products from local small farmers and making use of the by-products as raw materials for production and delivered to 62 countries.

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