EV/EM Charging System

Yes Energy Service Co., Ltd.

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Yes Energy Service Co., Ltd has great experience in charging station operations and construction, providing both EV(Electric Vehicle) and EM(the Electric Two-Wheelers) one-stop charging service, support charging stations (piles) infrastructure, MSP (Mobility Service Provider), CPO (Charge Point Operator). Besides, the company has built more than 2,100+ charging stations, including malls, public and private parking lots.

“YES! CHARGE” brand’s spirit conveys “Yes! We can do it!” allowing car owners to drive an electric car while bringing the convenience and ease of life. The company carries the mission of energy sustainability, committed to promoting green energy electric car life, and saying YES to a pure and beautiful low-carbon life! “YES! LAI DIAN” is the most platform of charging solution, more so the leading brand in Taiwan.

  • Provides a “one-stop” charging solution, use cloud services and customised development to create an intelligent charging environment for electric vehicles in various parking areas.
  • It is the only one that has both “electric vehicle” and “Electric Two-Wheelers” operating services, and the team has obtained the German Rhein TÜV International Charging Pile Construction Service Certification.

YES = Your Energy Solutions