Angentex® COVID-19 qPCR Detection Kit (with IC)

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Angentex® is regarded as the key to conveying ideas “One Health” from vision into practical applications for COVID-19 and strengthen and increase the standard of the food supplier of Thailand, emphasising the quote “Thailand is the kitchen of the world”.

The Angentex® COVID-19 qPCR Detection Kit (with IC) Angentex® is the first real time PCR COVID-19 testing kit manufactured in Thailand and licensed by the Food and Drug Administration, Ministry of Public Health. The Angentex® COVID-19 qPCR Detection Kit (with IC) is widely used in leading hospitals and laboratories in Thailand. Angentex® is not limited to only for human COVID-19 screening but expanding to detect in animal, food and environment.

Angentex® is manufactured locally in Thailand to reduce the cost of testing, increase the distribution and reduce the dependency of import test kit which helps in surveillance, control and prevention of disease in the country quicker and more efficiently.

  • 3 TARGET REGION Genes for detection: High Specificity detection and Multi- Virus detection; Angentex® can detect COVID-19, SARS-CoV & MERS.
  • Ready-to-use Master Mix: Easyto- use, can be used with variety of sample from human, animal, food and environment; Reduces the preparation process and saves time up to 20%.
  • Special Synthetic RNA IC: Internal control for efficacy checking of sample preparation.

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