Siddhalepa Pain Relief Spray

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The unique Ayurveda formula of Siddhalepa balm is one of the great examples of innovations in the Hela Ayurveda sector. It is a multipurpose, effective solution for relief from muscle pain, joint pain, body ache, backache, stiffness, arthritis, and other aches and pains. The power of herbal ingredients in Siddhalepa helps to relieve not only the aches and pains but also the nasal congestion, respiratory difficulties, and common cold by helping to maintain the required body temperature.

Siddhalepa Pain Relief Spray has become a major step taken in the brand journey in order to keep the brand validated among and across all consumer age groups and socioeconomic groups even after 8 decades. This traditional time-tested knowledge is being constantly researched and validated by the company’s scientists using modern science and techniques at their wellequipped modern laboratory facility. Hettigoda Industries’s innovations are the results of a combination of family-based Ayurveda know-how, traditional Ayurvedic wisdom, modern technology, innovative ideas, and R&D capabilities. All innovations and R&D practices are also being guided by a panel of experienced Ayurvedic practitioners, scientists, and internationally recognised consultants.

In accordance with one of the company’s core principles of maintaining the highest quality of all their products, in 1994, Siddhalepa had the distinction of being the first company in Sri Lanka to obtain ISO 9001 International Quality Certification. Within a few subsequent years, Hettigoda Industries obtained ISO 14000, 22000, HACCP, GMP, and other local certifications becoming the most quality-conscious Ayurveda company in Sri Lanka.

Continuous introduction of new product lines under the flagship brand increases the amount consumer spent on Siddhalepa over time thus the company maintains Low Customer retention cost. Today, Siddhalepa enjoys a market share of 85% and 75% direct market penetration as the market leader in the Ayurveda pain relief solutions market in Sri Lanka by being a consumer-centric innovative product for the past 87 years.

  • Siddhalepa was founded in 1934 by the Kidney Specialist and Astrologer Ayur. Dr. Hendrick de Silva Hettigoda who hailed from an ancestry of Ayurveda physicians of over 200 years.
  • Siddhalepa Pain Relief Spray value creation delivered through convenience and quick relief.
  • Siddhalepa Pain Relief Spray is proudly supported the Sri Lankan athlete team for Tokyo Olympics 2020.
  • Siddhalepa has earned the title of the ‘Magic Balm’ for its instant effectiveness for many ailments and has been ranked among the Most Loved 100 brands in 2021 by the Brand Finance Lanka.
  • Ingredients such as citronella and cinnamon leaf are sourcing from local farmers who are being tied up with backward integration supply chain, which supports to uplift the living standards of the local farming community and the macro local economy in terms of increasing employment opportunities.

Siddhalepa envision to create more innovative products that enhance Healthy and happy lifestyles using the traditional Hela Ayurveda system of Sri Lanka