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Yuanta Securities Investment Trust Co., Ltd. (Yuanta SITC) is the industry leader who provides public and private funds, ETF, discretionary portfolios and investment consulting, covering assets from equities, commodities, fixed income to FX. Yuanta launched the first ETF in Taiwan in 2003, first REITs in 2006, ETF cross-listing in 2009 and first leveraged & inverse ETF in 2014. In developing the next generation of the ETF market, the company has combined artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and quantitative modelling with investment, and has already constructed an ETF AI investment platform. This has provided ETF multi-strategies and intelligent portfolios suggestion for retirement, children’s education funds, absolute return strategy and so on, for investors to fulfil their investment needs. Yuanta ETF AI investment platform provides a comprehensive investment suggestion through analyzing investors’ risk appetite trading behavior. Main functions include 4X4 investment strategies (equities, fixed income, leveraged/ inverse and smart beta); Intelligent portfolio; ETF advance data base and ETF educational material.

Yuanta SITC offers a novel approach to help investors simplify the way to manage their assets. “Yuanta Mr. Fund” integrates the portfolios of mutual funds and ETFs, investment information and personal assets management function in one application. It is not only the first application in Taiwan that gives investors a new user experience on trading funds, but the only application that provides investors with the service of inquiring their records of ETFs’ dividend which cannot be provided by any bank or securities. Yuanta SITC has issued series of funds and ETFs in the market. When it comes to FinTech, Yuanta SITC have been striving for keeping as a leader.

  • Adding AI and Automation to investment process: This platform’s investment decision process embedded AI and Automation which includes machine learning and deep learning algorithm.
  • Emphasis on “Portfolio optimization and Retirement investment”: Yuanta ETF AI investment platform will take investors’ investment objective and risk appetite into consideration and adjust as investors’ investment target and age changes.
  • Embedding Machine Learning to KYC process ensuring accuracy: Clients are categorized through K-means algorithm while utilizing algorithm such as SVM and decision tree to determine investment behavior and risk acceptance level.
  • State-of-the-Art ETF data base: This platform provides macro, market indicators and compiled ETF data base for investors.
  • Investors Education: Yuanta SITC provides massive educational material on ETF through digital format, stating characteristic and risk for investors’ education.
  • Robo-advisor: This Platform provides a total solution including mid to long term retirement plan, short to midterm trading strategies. This is the only platform in Taiwan that offers “absolute return” portfolio by adding leveraged & inverse ETF, allowing investors to multiple hedge and inverse return opportunities.

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