The ONE InstantCare for COVID-19 Rapid Screening

SpectroChip Inc.

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The ONE InstantCare developed by SpectroChip uses its own “Spectral Chip” technology to achieve a quantitative analysis of antibody/ antigen. It is an important technology that can achieve trace amounts and quantitative tests for COVID-19 rapid tests. The test process only takes 15 minutes to complete, and the data can be uploaded to the cloud database.

For suspected COVID-19 patients, home isolation or follow-up of confirmed patients, rapid screening can help clarify the cause of the patient, reduce the time of the staying in hospitals, and serve as a reference for whether it is suitable for discharge. In the future, relevant medical research and field applications can be carried out on a larger scale, which will help to a certain extent on issues such as epidemic control and community prevention.

  • Rapid & Easy Test: It takes only about 15 minutes from sampling to get rapid quantitative results, and send the data to the cloud, with the easy operation of the mobile App.
  • Accurate & High Sensitivity: Ability to accurately quantify antibodies (lgG/IgM) result, with a sensitivity of more than 200 times that of the existing rapid screening test, which can eliminate most false negatives and misjudgments.
  • Cost Saving: Save time and cost by using rapid test strips and save medical resources for self-inspection.
  • Wide Range of Application: COVID-19 antigen, IgM/IgG antibody, neutralising antibody can all be detected, and in the future, various detectors can also be developed in a wide range of applications such as telemedicine, home medical care, food safety, and industrial safety.

The ONE InstantCare: COVID-19 Immunoassay Total Solutions