Nitrex: protection foam

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Nitrex is a shock absorption foam and impact absorbing foam material widely used in sports, motorcycle, industrial and military protection, its closed-cell structure making it waterproof, sweat-resistant and to prevent any moisture absorption.

Nitrex is closed-cell foam, whereas PU is open-cell and is only waterproof on its surface. Once the surface is cracked, PU loses its waterproof function. PU foam is often replaced after a certain period of usage because it is prone to hydrolysis. In contrast, Nitrex, has excellent weather resistance and durability, so Nitrex has longer service life than PU foam, helping to reduce the amount of waste and further reduce environmental pollution.

Nitrex can be cut and stitch like fabrics, as well as 3D molded parts thermo moldable to fit the ergonomics design for protector’s ease of movement and flexibility so that Nitrex used in body protection can exceed the performance requirements of EN1621 for motorcycle and winter sports, EN13158 for Equestrian, EN1077/1078, NOCSAE for helmets protection, and many other standards.

  • Nitrex has excellent durability: It not only reduces waste generated during processing but also protects the environment.
  • Staying safe: Nitrex will be tested by our in-house impact laboratory and the third international certification before shipment.
  • Combined with the recycling concept, Nitrex could add recycled foam materials. It is more unique and irreplaceable than other foam materials.
  • EVA GLORY can produce Nitrex through injection technology to control the waste generated under 5%. Foam injection technology is safer and simple to operate, so Nitrex can greatly increase job opportunities.

The best choice to protect foam: Nitrex