ILLEGEAR’s End-to-End Full Systems Customisation


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“For every 2 customised computer systems in the market, 1 is probably an ILLEGEAR.”

The unofficial sentiment on the streets above reflects the popularity of ILLEGEAR’s products and the brand’s position as one of the leading customised computer brands in Malaysia.

The name ILLEGEAR is synonymous with full, end-to-end high-performance computer systems customisation. Just as no two humans are the same, no two ILLEGEAR systems are the same as well. As reflected in its corporate tagline “Engineered for One”, every ILLEGEAR system is built from scratch, one at a time, based on each customer’s specific customisation options.

With ILLEGEAR, the customer gets to decide on every aspect of the computer system - from selecting key hardware components such as processor and graphics card all the way to discrete details such as screen color calibration and keyboard configuration, ultimately giving the customer that “perfect” system he or she is looking for.

This approach to product development and design has propelled ILLEGEAR to the forefront of product innovation. ILLEGEAR products, especially its high-performance laptops, are often recognised as among the first in the market to introduce the latest and most innovative features.

  • ILLEGEAR INFINIVISION™ ultra-thin display technology - for optimal viewing experience (available in all laptops and monitor series)
  • ILLEGEAR iRIS sRGB 100% display - for true-to-life colors and superior color accuracy (available in IONIC series)
  • ILLEGEAR Command Center - for optimal system performance to best suit usage purposes (available in all ILLEGEAR systems)
  • ILLEGEAR GENESWITCH BROWN™ mechanical keyboard - for exceptional tactile feedback and minimized key-press sounds (available in ONYX G)
  • ILLEGEAR was also the first in Malaysia to integrate mechanical keyboards into 15.6” gaming laptops to enhance gaming experience
  • A wide range of intuitive and brand-aligned gears, peripherals and premium products such as monitors, carrying case, gaming mice and mousepads (more to come)
  • A variety of next-gen technology and features such as magnesium alloy body, WiFi 6, market-topping battery capacities, extreme cooling systems and ultra lightweight construction.