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SUPIA ASIA PTE LIMITED has been focusing on promoting Japan’s own skin care brand GOLD YUMEHADA. This 53-year-old brand was acquired from Japan. It is different from most skin care brands in the market. GOLD YUMEHADA is the pioneer of CLEAN BEAUTY and combined the concept with Body, mind, soul. The brand has been pursuing the beauty of “Nude Skin”, so that the skin can get the most extreme care in a balanced and released environment.

GOLD YUMEHADA has always assumed the mission of ingenuity and is committed to cultivating professionals in the industry to fulfill social responsibilities.

SUPIA ASIA PTE LIMITED also established Supia Academy in Hong Kong, becoming the first Japanesestyle beauty training academy in Hong Kong. The academy combined focus on the general health field with Gold Yumehada Products. SUPIA ASIA PTE LIMITED hopes that more people can live out the high value without makeup.

Supia Academy is the first to open the Japanese beauty recognition certificate in Hong Kong. The trainees can learn the skills of the world’s first beauty technician without going abroad. Bring a new atmosphere and ecosystem to the beauty industry.

  • Supia Academy’s beauty course is the first to combine the Gold Yumehada’s product, V face sharp with body, soul, and mind concept in Hong Kong, it uses the psychological state to regulate the skin, so that more people can live and connect with themselves. The high value of the skin!
  • Gold Yumehada Beauty Qualification Certification is the starting standard for the basic requirements of knowledge, technology, and abilities necessary to engage in a certain profession, so that more trainees can seize more opportunities and create their own new world.

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