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[24] has been in the customer service industry since 2006 and has since fostered collaboration between its employees. When the pandemic started in early 2020, they created a campaign to enhance the company’s culture of family and belongingness despite the distancing protocols. At its core, they urged that by following the COVID-19 policies, they not only keep themselves safe but also everyone else around them.

Part of [24]’s quick response is to form the Business Continuity Plan (BCP) Team to mobilise and build on-site accommodation for those staying at the sites. In addition, employees who opted to go home daily were provided with a door-to-door shuttle service through the Emergency Transportation System (ETS), ensuring their safety to and from work. This service continued 16 months from when the lockdown started. It has catered to more than 12,000 employees and 300,000 ETS trips.

[24] also leveraged its strength in technology to provide a seamless experience to the employees. They created an app to cater to employees’ accommodation and transportation scheduling requirements and made an in-house Daily Health Declaration Survey Form for government tracing requirements. The company also ensures the health and safety of employees by having all Metro Manila sites Safety Seal certified and compliant with the Health and Sanitation protocols set by the government. [24] CoLOVE places prime importance on the well-being of its people, professionally and personally.

  • [24] CoLOVE - is an internal campaign using wordplay on collaboration and love, emphasising the strength and hope brought about by teamwork and community.
  • Under the campaign, the company CoLOVE(borated) with the Makati LGU and medical provider, Lyfmed to help employees get COVID-19 jabs with ease and convenience at the company’s [24] Plaza site.
  • Organised wellness programmes such as complimentary vitamins and facemasks, webinars on mental health, and 24/7 nurse rounds to ensure the welfare of the employees.
  • Employees’ fears and overall behaviour and attitude towards the pandemic have been assuaged through constant communication, transparency, coaching, and proper education.

Your best asset is your people, so make sure to anchor your every decision to your employees’ well-being.