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Liberloo by WC+ is an all-round portable hygiene solution with a wide variety of products. The company is still working diligently to come up with user-centric products under the philosophy; “We are here to create an innovation to improve the life of our consumers, especially for the travelers. We will continue solving your hygiene problems with innovative approaches.”

They have received positive feedback from users, thanking them for this life-saving product as some of their users were those who had been suffering from Pyelonephritis.

Due to their problem-solving products, they have received numerous awards. In 2017, they won the DEmark Award, the Oscars of the Thai design industry, Good Design Award from Japan and National Innovation Award. And in 2018, they won their second DEmark award.

Peec and Fly

With the launch of Peec and Fly, it became an instant success because of its’ user-centric design. Their product was invented to stop the fear of germs-infested dirty toilet seat in public toilet for women. Fly allows women to stand and urinate and the material is made from paper, which is environmental friendly, it can be easily folded and thrown away after use, without harming the environment.

  • Liquidrop technology, a material that immediately turns liquid into gel.
  • Leak-free and absorbs smell.
  • Material is made from paper, can be folded and thrown away right after use without harming the environment.