Velvety Bright Lucent Serum

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Velvety Bright Lucent Serum

The Velvety Bright Lucent Serum contains fullerene, which is 172 times more antioxidant than vitamin which helps reduce melanin production. The serum helps to repair DNA in cells as it has nicotinamide, also known as vitamin PP or vitamin B3. The strength of nicotinamide is that it helps treat skin problems and with the regular application of it, can also help treat atopic dermatitis.

The Velvety Bright Lucent Serum contains Ronacare AP increases its antioxidant potential even more when exposed to UV radiation and experiments have shown that UV light is exposed to Ronacare AP against vitamin E and is measured for free radical protection and Ronacare AP protects antioxidants such as beta-carotene on the skin from UVA damage.

VCIP (Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate) is the fat-soluble vitamin C which is easily absorbed by the skin and it is developed to enhance the absorption deep into the skin. Not only that, it helps to protect skin cells from UV damage and helps to tighten the skin while brightening dull skin. Lastly, VCIP reduces the protrution of melanin-induced dendrite to keratinocyte and VCIP in high concentrations reduces dark spots faster, while also reducing the pigment on the back of the hand.

Plankton GP4G is the plankton extract, which is a species of Artemia Salina, that has Diguanoside tetraphosphate (GP4G) which is suitable for using as a functional ingredient anti-pollution or protect the skin from various environmental conditions as well.

The Velvety Bright Lucent Serum contains silvervine extract which acts as a barrier to reduce carbonylation reaction which enhances skin to have more semi-translucent properties when exposed to light or radiation. Impact on the skin will reflect well and brightens the skin.

Melanostatine helps prevent pigmentation by mimicking natural mechanisms, helping dull skin look brighter and melanostatin is a peptide that acts against MSH (Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone).

  • Fullerenes c-60
  • Alpha-arbutin
  • Nicotinamide
  • RonaCare Ap
  • VCIP
  • GP4G
  • Silvervine
  • Melanostatine