Thai Bus Food Tour

Thai Bus Food Tour

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Thai cuisine is well known for its spiciness and its tentalising taste. However, Thai food is actually a balance of five different flavours. Sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and spicy.

The first ever double decker bus food tour in Thailand, serving Michelin awarded set meals while enjoying the view of over 10 must-visit attractions around Bangkok. Indulge in high-quality Thai cuisine while enjoying scenic views that the city has to offer, on board a fully air-conditioned luxurious bus.

The menus are based on seasonal rotation and they also provide various set meals, ranging from lunch, afternoon tea, sunset dinner and nightlife dinner.

  • Thailand’s first ever ride and dine experience with a panoramic view of Bangkok’s famous attractions.
  • More than 10 must-visit tourist attractions in Bangkok.
  • Authetic Thai dishes made with fresh and premium quality ingredients.
  • Innovative and glamorous way to tour the city.