Lift and Ready

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SUMPHAT Gallery works based on social and cultural movement, combining knowledge of traditional craft and scientific field to create aesthetic textures and shapes. Their work is inspired by the simplicity and humbleness of nature to bring peace and tranquility.

Lift and Ready

For many years, they have been working with the government and private sectors to learn and search for local wisdom, materials and history. They then transform them through experiences and capabilities of various fields of expertise such as architecture, art, and design.

They designed a packaging that’s perfect for carrying durians, suitable to its’ weight, spiky thorns, and shape. The package will be able to carry a durian of up to 8kg and it is designed to show and enhance the farm’s brand which has a unique taste and quality for consumers to choose from.

  • Lift and Ready package could carry durian weight of up to 8kg.
  • Selecting thicker environmentally friendly paper to prevent and reduce tearing from the spiky thorns.