360° Far-Infrared Radiant Electric Pendant Heater

iPower Products Limited

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Invention patented 360° far-infrared radiant electric pendant heater with light, comprising two semi-circular metallic Incoloy heating elements individually operated by remote control and timer for quick-warming left/right directional and localised heating as desired, and illumination on demand, so that the user can enjoy the clean fresh air in open-door and open-window settings with good and ample ventilation, and sleep comfortably under our heater, especially at night and during COVID-19 pandemic. Far-infrared rays afford leisure and comfort heating and may also provide health benefits in helping to improve blood circulation and body metabolism and to relief pain and discomfort. Incoloy metallic heating elements, which produce far-infrared energy, but do not produce visible light glaring to the human eyes, and do not release any volatile organic compounds or cancer-causing Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons, are used in these heaters for safety and durability. Specially designed metallic reflector is positioned at the focal zone(s) of the heating elements and engineered to concentrate the far-infrared energy onto human bodies and/or matters beneath the heater within coaxial irradiation zones, while reducing the far-infrared energy levels outside such zones, to afford safe, comfortable and environmentally friendly heating at optimal total energy consumption with cost savings.

  • Two semi-circular Incoloy heating elements that are long-lasting and durable (unlike the quartz, halogen and/or carbon fiber heating elements that may be easily breakable), and are individually operated by radio-frequency remote control with timer for separate left/right directional and localised heating on both or either side of heater on demand and as desired
  • One LED light positioned between the two semi-circular Incoloy heating elements to provide separately operable illumination on demand
  • A radio frequency operated remote control with a 30 minute timer so that the user can operate the heating elements and the LED light with ease
  • The pendant heater is ceiling mounted with carabiners and sturdy metal chain(s) so that the user can easily adjust the height of the heater relative to the ceiling to provide optimal warmth and illumination to the user as desired
  • CE/CB Safety Testing Certificates and IPX4 (Splash-proof) Certificate have been recently issued by TUV Rheinland Hong Kong Limited for this innovative product

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