Integrated Field Co. Ltd.

Kloem Hostel

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Integrated Field Co. Ltd. (IF) is a Thailand based design office that believes in finding specified questions for each project, to better understand its “core”, and develop designs based on issues throughout the entire process. With this belief, IF was founded by a group of friends consisting of architects, interior architect, landscape architect and an industrial designer, intended to work together and gather aspects in as many fields as possible to create work from integrated inputs as their slogan, “IF works in the Field of Integration”

KLOEM Hostel

Situated in one of the cultural districts in Bangkok, KLOEM Hostel was designed based on preserving the essence of culture. Leveraging on traditional Thai construction technique known as “house elevation”. IF divides functional space of wooden houses to accommodate private and dormitory rooms with a maximum capacity of 32 guests. The integration of loft-like steel structure with 2 existing wooden buildings which is a combination of the past and present gives KLOEM Hostel the right atmosphere, an mixture of old and new ambience.

Apart from the architectural values, the design of the hostel gives a new presence which revitalises the spirit of the neighbourhood by adding commercial values and providing new opportunities. Lastly, it is an inspiration for residents to start developing their their own creative and sustainable living spaces.

  • Preserving the building’s original characteristic.
  • Renovation transforms two simple-looking wooden houses, adding greater commercial and historical values to the once unappreciated pieces of architecture.
  • Design creates an impact in an urban scale through its new presence.
  • Inspires people in the area to develop their own living spaces in a creative and sustainable way.