Qualy Design

Eco-Friendly Household Products

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Qualy Design is a Thai brand with a goal of designing products to promote a better life and a better world. Their philosophy is to respect and love the planet while improving people’s life by designing and creating creative and useful products which brings happiness to people. They are dedicated to be more sustainable and eco-friendly to the world and their customers.

Qualy Design believes in creating quality, unique, aesthetic and long lasting products. Their products are both functional and can be used as a decoration to suit different types of lifestyles.

Eco-Friendly Household Products

They believe that creating a circular economy will be the best solution in order to address the world’s environmental issues. Waste never becomes waste, it retains its’ values after being recirculated into other useful products.

Qualy Design focuses on sustainability when designing their products. In order to achieve that, they take into account of the product’s life cycle and seeks to minimise energy consumption to create lesser pollution. At the end of the product’s life cycle, Qualy Design encourages their customer to recycle the product in order to save the planet and can and should be recycled in order to save the planet.

  • Award-winning home accessories, kitchenware and stationery brand
  • Eco-friendly household products
  • Recirculating waste to create useful products