Total Solution for STEAM Education

Genius Toy Taiwan Co., Ltd.

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With more than 40 years of experience in developing teaching materials, Gigo Lab has four series: Creative Lab, Fun Lab, Learning Lab and Senior Lab. The core value of the Gigo Labs is to inspire personal creativity, develop intrinsic potential and expertise, and promote specialized teaching materials for STEAM topics.

Gigo takes advantage of the characteristics of its base building material, the block, and uses this to incorporate aesthetics, design, and group challenges for STEAM projects. There are activities that combine knowledge from major scientific fields. Making toys educational, and making learning fun, seamlessly integrates STEAM into all aspects of learning and play.

  • Creative Lab: components, storage bins and frames, student books and creation records, teacher’s guides, entrance banner and classroom posters.
  • Fun Lab: components, courses, building manual and digital handouts.
  • Learning Lab: components, student workbook, digital teacher’s guidebook and Smart Manual Web Service.
  • Senior Lab: components and building manual.


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