Phan Phob Cafe

Butterfly Pea Cake and Foi Thong Coconut Lava Cake

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Phan Phob Cafe is a Thai fusion dessert cafe that has a distinctive feature of combining Thai desserts with Thai culture, turning it into a fusion style dessert. They modify traditional Thai dessert, which may look plain and boring, into something breathtaking and modern, giving it a brand new look while still preserving the originality of the dessert.

Butterfly Pea Cake & Foi Thong Coconut Lava Cake

Their signature dessert is the butterfly pea cake, made from fresh coconut juice and coconut lava, topped with 100% organic butterfly pea coconut milk.

Foi Thong coconut lava cake is one of their well-known desserts, having long and shiny silk-like stripes, which symbolises long life and undying love. Mixing Foi Thong with cake gives this dessert an intriguing look.

  • Butterfly peak cake with rainbow glutinous rice ball is the first and only one in Thailand.
  • Always choosing quality natural quenching material without preservatives which is more healthy.
  • Reducing sugar levels from normal recipes by up to 40%, in order to promote healthy lifestyle while still enjoying desserts.