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Finessis is an innovative range of surgical gloves that redefines clean, comfort and reactive protection. Finessis gloves are made from FlexylonTM, a proprietary high-performance elastomer, delicately engineered especially for long operative procedures. This patented synthetic glove is accelerator-free, eliminating the risk of irritant contact dermatitis; as well as Type I and Type IV chemical-related allergies which may result from prolonged glove usage. There are three products under the Finessis brand – Finessis Zero®, Corium® and Aegis®. Delivering great performance and safety, Finessis Zero® is recommended for general surgery while Finessis Corium® is designed to enhance touch sensitivity and provides supreme tactility, and mainly used for microsurgery. Finessis Zero® and Corium® can be used together for double gloving during higher risk surgeries. Finessis Aegis® is a revolutionary surgical glove equipped with a response-triggered disinfecting system, by virtue of its unique encapsulated layer with a disinfecting agent to protect the user. When the glove is breached, the design mechanism of the glove will release the disinfecting liquid to disinfect the needle or sharp object that has caused the breach. In vitro studies have shown that the Finessis Aegis® glove is capable of reducing up to 96% of HIV viruses transmitted in the event of a puncture as compared to double gloving.

FlexylonTM is a proprietary composition of styrenic block copolymers (SBCs) which is the base material for all Finessis Products.

The nature of FlexylonTM and Innovative manufacturing technology (MLT) allow the development of surgical gloves with:
  • Zero Accelerators
  • Zero Protein
  • Superior Barrier Protection, Acceptable Quality Limit = 0.1 (Lowest in the industry)
  • Low Hydration
  • Ergonomic Designs

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