Top Grip Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) Glove

Top Glove Corporation Berhad

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Against the backdrop of a global shortage of disposable gloves arising from the Covid-19 pandemic, the Top Grip Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) Glove was developed, to cater to the surge in demand for better hygiene and protection. Top Grip gloves offer additional gripping properties as compared with the conventional TPE glove, thereby serving a similar purpose as Natural Rubber Latex (NR) and Nitrile (NBR) gloves. Uniquely designed with Top Grip technology, the Top Grip glove impresses with its incredible donning and gripping performance.

Some of its unique features include:

  • Hybrid Texture Design – Provides better grip
  • Tactile Features – Larger surface area for firmer grip on flat and smooth surfaces
  • Top Grip Technology – Good balance between grip properties and tearing resistance

Top Grip gloves are perfect for daily general usage including housekeeping and gardening, and are safe for food handling. The Top Grip glove is remarkably light, weighing merely 2.0g while delivering good mechanical properties such as tensile strength and elongation. Available in a variety of sizes, Top Grip gloves are strong and durable with a good fit both on hands as well as fingertips. For safety and peace of mind, Top Grip gloves are completely free from hazardous chemicals, non-toxic, and allergen-free.

  • Unique dual embossment surface for excellent grip and easy-donning in dry conditions
  • Comfort and firm grip when holding smooth objects
  • Green technology based and environmentally-friendly
    • Recyclable as they can be moulded, extruded and reused like plastics
    • Low energy consumption during production (reducing environmental footprint)
  • Safe for food handling
  • DOP and DINP free
  • Good fit on hands and fingertips
  • Free from latex protein (reduces risk of latex allergies) and powder-free
  • More economical than latex, nitrile and vinyl gloves

A better grip starts with Top Grip