Virtual Employee Technology

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Uniquely tailored to Southeast Asia and equipped with localized tools and powerful built-in integrations, Lightwork’s Virtual Employee software platform utilizes Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence to allow companies to create, configure, and modify their own “team” of customized “Virtual Employees”. These “Virtual Employees” have the ability to automatically perform office work like reading emails, performing calculations, typing and submitting information, and generating reports according to business requirements.

A typical organization might have one software program for sales management, another for inventory management, another for accounting/finance, and another program for customer relationship management (CRM). With increasing amounts of transactions and data, the resulting work is time-consuming, tedious, and prone to errors, creating delays, cost overruns, and lost revenue.

With Lightwork “Virtual Employees”, companies are able to create a virtual team to support work in every department. By controlling an on-screen mouse and keyboard, Lightwork can assist in streamlining operations with work being performed as an employee would typically do, with the ability to complete tasks very quickly and continuously over 24 hours.

Ultimately, organizations realize significant benefits like improving revenue cycles, cutting costs, as well as better utilizing employees for value-added work such as strategic decision-making and negotiations.



  • Works with all existing software systems, online portals, and social media platforms
  • Improve customer service levels, sales processing speed, and reconciliation time
  • Easily adapt and scale up/down according to business requirements