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Our skin is the most exposed organ in our body. Constant exposure to environmental pollution, harmful UV rays, poor diet and leading a demanding lifestyle can take a toll on our skin. Fine lines and age spots appear. Wrinkles deepen. Discoloration, loss of elasticity, and even skin diseases occur. Is it still possible to attain skin perfection?

The answer lies in a cutting-edge, anti-aging skincare solution.

Achieve beautiful, youthful and radiant-looking skin with the new NuUH2.

NuUH2 is what you will ever need in a “natural” beauty regimen. Classified as a Molecular HydroCeutical product, NuUH2 uses magnetic and nano-bubble technology that generates molecular hydrogen, forming ultrafine bubbles which has a powerful therapeutic effect on the skin. Molecular hydrogen transforms mineral water to powerful anti-aging water that works as an anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant, anti-wrinkle and moisturizer in one.

Perfect for all skin types, NuUH2 effectively penetrates pores, eliminates impurities, removes excess surface oils, brightens skin, keeping skin healthy with a youthful glow. It smoothens fine lines, wrinkles, helps improve tone and texture even helps your skin absorb the active ingredients of your favorite facial cream more effectively.


Equipped with a carefully designed magnetic and nano-bubble technology, NuUH2 offers great benefits for your skin.

How does it work?

Mineral water is poured into the NuUH2 unit and is converted into nano-sized Molecular HydroCeutical (processed water) at 25 microns, which is 5 microns smaller than the pores in our skin.

Molecular HydroCeutical water vibrates over a sequence of 120, 000 times per second, generating the finest nanoparticle designed to enhance skin absorption.

With this, the ultrafine bubbles of NuUH2 can easily penetrate pores to cleanse and remove accumulated oils and dirt on. The newly produced Molecular HydroCeutical water is now 99.9% bacteria-free through its sterilizing capabilities. By separating the oxygen and hydrogen through electrolysis, the mineral water becomes sterile but still gentle enough to be used several times daily to condition, soothe and calm sensitive or traumatized skin.

Nuuh2 is also incorporated with a magnetic tip to its bottle making it more a powerful skincare tool. Magnetic therapy normalizes cellular activity and enables proper nutrient delivery to the cells. As we age, and with the environment, we live in nowadays, our skin depolarizes, and magnets are believed to help improve tissue activity, making it beneficial to skin care. Upon spraying the Molecular HydroCeutical onto the desired area, you may use the magnetic tip and massage it onto your skin to encourage blood circulation and to remove the dirt from your face.