Kalibrr Technology Ventures, Inc.

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Relevant jobs. Genuine conversations.

Kalibrr is a recruitment tech startup that aims to transform the way candidates find jobs and the way companies hire talent. Our data-driven approach allows us to match job-seekers with jobs using matching algorithms in our platform. This approach matches job-seekers and companies on the basis of skills, experience, interests, and fit.

The problem in recruitment in the Philippines is not the lack of jobs, but because of skills mismatch. Companies receive hundreds of applicants who turn out to be unqualified. On the other hand, job-seekers have a hard time searching for jobs that match their skills, interests, and ambition.

Through innovative tech solutions and creating an online platform that addresses these problems, Kalibrr has helped close the gap of skills mismatch and made recruiting and finding jobs easier and faster.

  • Relevant matches that learn from you. Kalibrr’s AI technology doesn’t only create matches based on job-seeker profiles or job post information. Every click and every view teaches our AI to show you better matches.
  • Select and connect with ease. Our product is designed to encourage conversations between job-seekers and recruiter. More than just making the match, we create connections.
  • We’re on mobile! available on Android and iOS – makes sure every job-seeker stays connected to relevant opportunities and to recruiters who’d like to reach out to them.