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Orawana International Co., Ltd

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Let’s Orawana Healthy Snacks be your delicious joyful preventive and nourishing medicine.

Orawana International Co. Ltd. delivers innovative products such as supplements and snacks as well as skin care products and services for health and beauty. After three decades of research and development by the Dr Orawana Holistic Beauty & Anti-aging Institute team of gurus in holistic beauty and wellness, the company has developed phytonutrient supplements, healthy snacks, skin cares and services.

Orawana’s delicious healthy snacks, natural phytonutrient supplements, premium quality skin care brings health and wellness to the people. In addition, the Dr Orawana Holistic Beauty and Anti-Aging Institute provides pampered medicated services to clients.

Orawana delivers all her products and services under a license or franchise system. It is the oldest holistic medical care company and received the most number of awards in the country and globally.

Orawana Healthy Snacks are the most enjoyable delicious and innovative snacks that no one can stop once they have tested!

“Orawana” delivers the Miracles of Holistic Beauty and Wellness thru the innovative natural nutrients.