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Idea and nature are the best factors of Innovation

Tipco reinvents and breaks through the norms of sports drinks for healthy people; introducing, Tipco WAVE – Natural Electrolyte drink from ocean mineral.

  • Best active ingredient from nature: “BluBio Ocean Mineral – proprietary of Tipco” NaCl – highest purity as pharmaceutical grade, naturally produced from Pacific Ocean of New Zealand – no chemicals or artificial agents used.
  • No sugar, but sweetness from fruit juice: not too sweet, just nice for refreshment
  • No preservatives, non-carbonated, no caffeine
  • Lowest calories in market & certified “Healthier Choice Beverage” from Thai FDA.

Tipco WAVE is bested suited to those seeking a healthier lifestyle through exercises and sports. Tipco WAVE was launched in Thailand in April 2017 and the market for the drink is growing across Thailand.

Tipco WAVE – Naturally Different

Tipco BEAT High Protein is 100% protein from PEA grown in Canada, and is the first ready-to-drink pea protein, with high Vitamin B1 and L-Carnitine for daily nutrition and muscle performance.