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PERMA, An Innovation of Permanent Anti-Bacterial Textiles.

PermaHealCA is an anti-bacterial textile produced using our exclusive Nano Zinc Technology which is proven by scientists for its ability to eliminate bacteria growth which caused bad body odor, skin diseases, sinus and allergies.

PERMA is also an impressive ecological innovation of textile. It is the result of our research on how textiles affects the quality of our daily life. We found that substances such as Nano Zinc Oxide (ZnO) inhibits the growth of bacteria on our bodies. In the production process, Perma Corporation chose Nano Zinc Oxide, which is safe to the human body, blending into Polymerization. Perma-HealCa or Perma also comes with UV protection.

Perma Corporation’s development focused on how to provide permanent anti-bacterial functions effectively. As mentioned earlier, this is done through blending into Polymerization and not just coating on the fabric surface which are not long lasting. Ions released from Nano Zinc Oxide is also proven to effectively fight surrounding microorganisms.

Nano Zinc Oxide is approved by the FDA. PERMA is also environmentally friendly and ideal in treating skin inflammation, wound-healing support, infection prevention, and etc. PERMA is devoted and designed for you and your loved ones.

PermaHealCA is an anti-bacterial textiles using our exclusive Nano Zinc Technology which is proven by scientists for it’s ability to eliminate bacteria growth of daily harmful bacteria which caused odor, skin disease, sinus and allergy.