Innovative Clear Can Packaging

S&W Fine Foods International, Inc.

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See and Taste the Freshness!

Consumers always want to be assured of the high quality of any product they purchase. For fruits in particular whether fresh or canned, they wish they can be guaranteed the freshness and quality inside before even purchasing. More so, they want to be able to keep fruits fresh longer.

S&W developed a major innovation — a clear can package with a breakthrough fruit processing which allows consumers to see the product inside and be assured of its premium quality. The unique process locks in the natural taste and nutrients for a more enjoyable and healthier meal. The can is fully recyclable, dent and breakage resistant, and lightweight. It won’t rust or harm. It provides products a longer shelf life than average fresh fruits bought in stores.

S&W is launching with its pineapple line—S&W Pineapple Slices and S&W Pineapple Chunks in new clear plastic cans. Along with this eye-catching way of showcasing our pineapples grown from our very own 23,000 hectare plantation in Bukidnon, Philippines is the guarantee our pineapple is picked at the peak of freshness and packed on the same day!

See and taste the freshness with S&W’s clear can!

  • Excellent tasting & nutritious product (confirmed in consumer & technical tests)
  • More attractive package including no possibility of rusting
  • Healthy (no tin dissolution) and safer in use
  • Environmentally friendlier and recyclable