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Brutally Creative.

XS Multimedia Corporation is backed by a team of hardworking creative innovators and the hands-on guidance of the CEO.

The creative process is innately collaborative as our teams are encouraged to contribute ideas freely and independently. We use technological tools that further enhance the process of accomplishing tasks. If other agencies can do it in 4 months we take pride that we finish projects in 4 weeks. To us, a 4-day project can be finished equivalent to 4 hours, with no compromise on quality. The norm of most traditional agencies is that Account Executives handle the management and delivery of client projects. This, though, as what we’ve experienced creates a bottle neck in the business development of an organization. This leads us to our unique selling proposition where Project Managers handle each project internally and externally so our Account Executives can focus more on external business development.

We create new jobs and opportunities in Manila for what is called “Multimedia Artists” and “Graphitors” that focus not just on video animation but can work on doing high-quality artworks and designs themselves to complement our creative team to accomplish work better and faster. Our company is keeping pace with this fast growing industry whether environmental, technological or cultural.

The seamless coordination and collaboration of the XS team, with the leadership of the CEO, serves as our grounding for all our endeavors and undertakings.

We believe our services and solutions are unique and we are confident of reaping future success with our group of creative people and our commitment towards innovation. We are confident we are heading towards the right direction as evidence by our growing business ventures and expansion to digital marketing and branding.