Mono Column Platform (MCP)

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The evolutionary design and engineering of making a permanent offshore platform mobile and self-installing is the brainchild of Mr Brian Chang with his 40 odd years of experience as an engineering innovator as an entrepreneur.

A permanent offshore platform is constructed, installed and complete with the requisite equipment on site. This approach results in prolong schedule, higher construction risk as well as inhibitive infrastructure financing in today’s market. On the contrary, a self-elevating jack-up (self-installing) can be completed in a shipyard before it is deployed on site but only for not more than 5 years period due to the engineering design of it.

Calm Oceans’ Mono-Column Platform therefore incorporates the features and performances of self-elevating jack-up with the strength and design for permanent offshore platform, enabling it to be a complete unit at shipyard and perform as a permanent platform. Furthermore, the MCP can be uninstalled as a jack-up, reducing decommissioning cost while sustaining the environment.

First-Principle, Simple, Elegant, Low-Cost and Direct Application are maxims of our design and engineering. Through our ecosystem from concept through implementation, the observe-orientate-decide-act (OODA) cycle is shortened and hierarchy is flattened, eliminate excess resources, streamlining development cycle to create value for customer and society.

Self-Installing Offshore Platform