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You’d better ‘eat food as medicine’ than ‘eat medicine as food

Aimmura-X is the king of Sesamin products – a dietary supplement from sesame and Thai rice.

To encourage people to take healthy foods and to take care of their health without depending on medication, Aiyara Planet Co. Ltd. supports the research of Prof. Dr. Prachya Kongtawelert to study about “Sesame” which has been aliased as the queen of plants. We discovered “sesamin” which contains many benefits. The research has been registered and patented globally.

The research led to the discovery of the food formula named “AIMMURA” which has been very successful in various countries, especially Thailand in the last five years.

The popularity of the product is reflected in the many testimonials from users who have serious health problems such as Paralysis, Cancer, Leukemia, Brain Tumor, Stroke, Diabetes, Rheumatoid etc. The symptoms have been relieved and some of them returned to good health after using Aimmura in the appropriate ways and doses.

Through research and development, we further developed Aimmura-X, which helps to restore cells and systems in the body. Aimmura-X is the product of painstaking research and contains 20 times sesamin and made from produce from organic farms.

  • Aimmura-X contains with 20 times of Sesamin can be activated in cellular level.
  • Helps to restore the cells and systems in the body to balance.