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Tipco BEAT High Protein from pea protein offers a new source of quality protein that is a big trend today in many countries, and known as “Clean-Lean Protein”. For people who are sensitive to animal-based protein (cow milk, meat), allergies or gluten, pea protein is the perfect answer. Also, for people who wants to build muscles, various research shows that pea protein is the most suitable as they have unique qualities, such as no cholesterol, low fat, lighter-taste and human-friendly from amino-acid combination.

Launched in August 2017, Tipco BEAT is the first to offer ready-to-drink pea protein drink in Thailand. 100% protein from pea – not mixed with other grains or animal-based sources of protein. Tipco BEAT is now gaining popularity among health-conscious Thais.

  • First and only pea protein, from the best source in the world – Canada
  • High Vitamin B1, high Calcium, L-Carnitine
  • Lower sugar, certified “Healthier Choice Beverage” from Thai FDA.

Tipco BEAT is the latest innovation of nutritive drink for both daily enrichment and muscle building. World’s latest trend is now arrived Thailand, brought to you by Tipco BEAT.

Tipco BEAT High Protein is 100% protein from PEA grown in Canada, and is the first ready-to-drink pea protein, with high Vitamin B1 and L-Carnitine for daily nutrition and muscle performance.